Raising your puppy to be your PERFECT Dog

The perfect puppy

This unique program will help you raise YOUR perfect dog.

Your puppy will be


Chew Proofed

Friendly but polite

Good at walking on leash without pulling, even with distractions

Trained in the basics - Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, COME

Confident and quiet when left alone

But that's just the beginning! YOUR dog needs to know more -

Maybe your dog will go to work with you - in an office, at a construction site, off site


Maybe your dog will go with you all day as you shuttle kids and run errands.

Maybe you're done with all that and your dog will be your constant companion on

road trips and and around town.

YOUR dog will need to know things specific to his future life with you; you need a trainer to support you through all of the upcoming changes and challenges.

We all want that dog people point at and comment on and remember because of how wonderful and cute and smart she is.

But what we really don't want is that pointing and commenting and remembering because of the CRAZY dog behavior we see so commonly in our community.

It's easy to have a puppy grow into a "bad" dog  or LEASH MONSTER and it happens to GREAT people and dogs all the time.

It's no secret that over half my business is working with leash aggressive dogs that have gotten that way because of little things that were missed or done wrong while the dog was growing up.

It's VERY easy to blame the owners - don't. They are good people.

Learning in The Your Perfect Puppy Program -

The most important thing to remember is that you don't actually have a dog yet...

Puppies under 6 months old are not much like a dog; they can certainly learn to do things but they can't be reliable without LOTS of practice in lots of situations.

You have lots of stages to go through before you get to DOG! 

For instance:

4 months old = potty on the floor even if they've not had an accident for weeks.

=they (temporarily) forget everything you've just taught them.

5 months old = a really hard bite!

=the beginning of the first Secondary Fear Stage (the Boofs) - a bad

reaction to a fear at this time can leave lasting fear leading to "aggressive" behavior.

8 months old = SOMETHING will be destroyed (write it on your calendar right now!)

10 months old = something else will be destroyed... and they are obnoxious


14 months old = Secondary Fear Stage usually intensifies and can look really scary.

18 months old = they start becoming the dog they will be.

Do you know what to do with each of those things? Any one of them can turn into an ugly problem that you will struggle with for a long time or they can just be a tiny bump in the road we get over and leave behind; we've all seen the dogs that didn't get the proper education...

Lots of dog trainers don't really know how to address those things; most never even mention things like Possessed Puppy Syndrome that happens when your pup doesn't get enough sleep. They tell you to exercise the dog more or correct it or ignore it when you could be getting to the SOURCE of the problem and FIXING it.

It makes me CRAZY to watch people (especially trainers) punish a puppy for behavior it is just engaging in because it's overtired and overstimulated! Even worse is them telling puppy owners their puppy needs more exercise when it acts crazy when, before 5 months old the truth is it needs a NAP.

But I've been training dogs and working with veterinarians for over 40 years and I LISTEN to dogs and their owners and make it easy to work this in the real world.

Perfect Puppy Program students know what to do when any of those things happens...

and if they forget, CALL TRISH, she'll know. And she's YOURS! For a YEAR! You can call with any question, any time and get a thorough and effective answer quickly and without the perils of surfing for answers...

The Your Perfect Puppy Program is for getting you and your puppy through the first year of huge social, learning, hormonal, and behavioral changes that are inevitable.

• you can use your private lessons as needed; use 4 or 5 in a month if you need them then when your pup's coasting through a stage and things are going well, have 1 every month or 6 weeks, then when things go crazy again, you can use more.

The Program covers:

*Potty/Crate training

*Being social but POLITE at a coffee shop and other public places

*House Manners including not jumping on people and not dashing out the door.

*Walking politely on leash

*Basic onleash "commands": Sit, Down, Stand, Stay and Come

*Basic Communication -when, where, why and how to use each of these: "GOOD!",

"nope", Uh uh", "Wait", "SHAME ON YOU" and 'YAAAAY!".

*Going to crate or bed when told without having to be led or carried

*OUT! In case you need the pup to get out of a room fast for instance if you drop medicine on the floor.

*Drop - spit out what you have

*Leave it - don't even LOOK at that thing!

*Tricks like Bang, Weave, Sit Up and jump Through your legs/arms/hoop JUST FOR FUN

and because tricks really are off leash obedience!

*Get through the common trouble periods as your pup grows into a dog (see above)

*Invasive handling by strangers to help with stickers in the foot, emergencies and just invasive strangers!

*VIDEO lessons and feedback

*General help and advice on feeding, health, exercise, choosing the right

vet/groomer/petsitter for your pup.

***Unlimited scheduled group walks in any of the locations (group walks are NOT public, they are only for dogs and pups currently in a Home Schooled Hounds program) for the length of your program. 

*UNLIMITED phone, email, text support during normal business hours.

Cost: 6 month Perfect Puppy Program - a well behaved, well educated, well adjusted, non aggressive, polite pup who is still working on self control because of his age but is off to an exceptional start! unlimited semi private lessons/walks, 8 private lessons, unlimited phone/text/email support for the length of your program, $3615.

***Year-long Program adds • double the additional Private lessons • Canine Good Citizen test •

Advanced Canine Good Citizen test • Rally Obedience and Temptation Alley Classes at least once during your program • 6 additional months of support and group

lessons/walks for just $2600 more.

That’s a THOUSAND dollars off for FULL YEAR of personal, private training and unlimited semi private classes including 2 AKC Canine Good Citizen

titles and access to unlimited lessons/walks (regularly $50each!) for $6215

(This is a special program price for YEAR LONG students only- if you decide to go with

the 6 month program and then want to add the second half later, the regular price of

$3615 will apply to the second half. )

's perfect companion. Enroll at www.trishthetrainer.edogtrainer.com


Perfect Puppy 6 months

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6 month Perfect Puppy Program - a well behaved, well educated, well adjusted, non aggressive, polite pup who is still working on self control because of his age but is off to an exceptional start! unlimited semi private lessons/walks, 8 private lessons, unlimited phone/text/email support for the length of your program, $3615.