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Hack Your Dog Training!

Shortcuts? Yep.

Effective? Yep.

Results You'll Be Proud of? YEP. 

NEXT Behavior Hack Program DECEMBER 9th, 10th and JANUARY 13th, 14th in Palo Alto, CA. DON'T MISS IT

For Forty Years Thousands of Families and Their Dogs

have counted on me for the results they wanted and the honesty they deserve.

You know you don't have the time to mess around with this; your dog isn't going to get better on his own and obviously the training you've used hasn't worked.

You CAN be one of those owners with no doubts that your dog is well behaved.

ENJOY your dog even more!

Knowing your dog "needs a walk" and dreading having to take him because he's a maniac is NO FUN.

It can be embarassing and DANGEROUS.

Planning escape routes as you walk...


We can make that better IN MINUTES, not weeks or months. 

You deserve the best.

A lot of thought's gone into your life with your dog.

Classes were great but...  The trainer was nice but... 

You need someone who knows BEHAVIOR and training are not the same thing.

Let me help to stop the TRYING and finally DO.

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