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Don't miss the last training session of the year - 

August 24th in SAN MARTIN, CA 

YAY you for wanting to keep your dog safe!


Your poor pup doesn't know that a rattlesnake isn't just a stick or a lizard with no legs! 

Dogs have no idea it could happen!

Click here to see how fast a snake bites!

In San Martin, CA  - just a short drive from San Jose.

*The course will take 10-15 minutes per dog (compare to days in the intensive care at your vet!)

*Snakeworx will be bringing LIVE, MUZZLED snakes because dogs need very specific information regarding SIGHT, SMELL and SOUND so only the real things will do.

*They bring everything from "shed skin", baby snakes and big snakes because all of those are the same but different and the information on all of them is critical.

*The snakes are MUZZLED and are handled by experts who love them.

Cost? $105/dog - reserve now, pay at the class.

*The cost of not doing it?  Could be thousands of dollars, days in ICU, pain for your dog and fear and trauma for both of you.

*If you have more than one dog, remember that dogs will come to see why their friend is after something/screaming and it's possible for ALL of your dogs to be bitten by the same snake. Horrible.

*This is something I really believe in! I see lots of dogs "not pay attention" to snakes (they can stumble onto one) or chase them because they think they're lizards (surprise!). If you think about it, the rattle sound really will draw some dogs in to check out the new sound - in fact, most dogs are bitten in the face because they're going in to sniff or bite the snake.

*Yes, there is a "Rattlesnake Vaccine" but it hasn't been studied by anyone other than the company who developed it and at best, even they say it will "give you more time to get to the vet" but if your dog is bitten, she's bitten! The force of the bite alone can be terribly painful, even with a so called dry bite.


Hey! Hi! Trouble getting the right kind of help?

I know why you're here



I know why you’re here... You're frustrated and you haven't been able to find the help you need to fix that problem you thought would get better. And if you're reading MY website, specializing in aggressive and bad behavior, it's probably a pretty big deal.

And I know just how tough that can be.

Jumping and barking might be just annoying early on but then It can be embarrassing! 

It can become a real issue when clothes are getting wrecked, someone gets knocked over or your friends stop coming over because your dog is "out of control".

 Worse, your kids' friends' moms won't let them come over anymore. 

Pulling on the leash doesn't really sound like a big deal unless you're the one holding the leash! Then it sucks. 

Your arm hurts but more than that...

you worry what would happen if

 the leash got pulled out of your hand or if all that choking and coughing and wheezing from pulling so hard will do permanent damage to your dog's throat.

And it's REALLY disappointing! And really makes you not want to do the fun stuff with your dog. You know, the stuff that made you think having a dog would be fun. 

                      ... Like going for a walk. Or camping. Or downtown for a coffee. Or have a dog that could just hang out with your friends and you in the yard or the house without making everyone crazy.

It sure would be nice to not be "the neighbor with the crazy dog" when you go for walks. 

It would be really nice for other people to be able to see the things you love about your dog.

Yep, "the little things" are just little things. 

Until they start to escalate...

They Become Bigger things and

Some of the bigger problems are a real LIABILITY! Even if your dog hasn't bitten somebody yet, the

lunging and barking and aggression are enough to make you worried that someone could get hurt. 

The incessant barking when a friend comes over. HOLY SMOKE.

That barking may or may not be scary, right? Hard to know. I mean, he's wagging his tail... that makes it alright. Doesn't it? (spoiler alert: tails wag for many reasons.)

People say you need Obedience Training...  

Here's the thing - your dog already knows basic obedience. Your dog can Sit, Down, maybe even Stay. You may have already been to a bunch of obedience classes or even hired a private trainer. 

Obedience is not the root of the problem. 

The root of the problem is that you just don't know how to fix it and none of the things you've tried has worked.

No matter how many times you've heard that it will help, you know that SIT does not stop the jumping, HEEL and Watch Me do not stop the lunging and all the treats in the world can't stop the crazy, aggressive barking and pulling on walks.


Your dog doesn't know that it's not his job to be on alert




 . Your dog doesn't know that you can keep him safe and you know what you're doing (hmmm another spoiler alert - you probably don't. BUT! You're smart enough to be here, looking for the answers that are hard to come by.).

Basic Obedience is just tricks. Honest. Any dog can do 'em until the real world kicks in.

Bad behavior needs a serious change in the balance between you. 

For over 40 years I did A LOT of group training classes - about 15 of those years were with my well known Los Altos based company -  I saw so many dogs with so many behavior problems I just knew I needed to work more with their struggling owners. Doing private lessons was tough because I was so busy teaching about 100 dogs a week in classes. 

And it wore on me that  more dogs were really needing me. I burned out, sold the company and regrouped.

I started looking at all of the different problems I'd seen over the many thousands of dogs I'd worked with, especially leash "reactivity" (we all know what aggression looks like though, right? No matter if from fear or bossiness or just plain aggression, "reactive" is just glossing it over) and fear and aggressive behavior so I put together a plan. 

I added in the medical problems I'd seen in the 15 years I'd been a vet tech. My roles as ICU supervisor, emergency medicine tech, triage, outpatient services and behavior specialist to up to 20 vets at a time showed me how even underlying medical issues can can really  affect dogs' behavior. If I see something in your dog, I SAY something!

I made a list of all of the techniques, methods and systems I knew and looked for more - I looked to a behaviorist in the UK and learned her method. Heck, I NAILED it and became the first person IN THE WORLD outside the UK to be certified in it. 

I took that method, played with it and learned how to use it for problems beyond what it was originally used for and combined it with the other methods and now have a ONE OF A KIND program to fix behavior problems.

Seeing people help their dogs conquer fears, stop being bossy, decide aggression isn't the answer can put tears in my eyes. 

And seeing their people learn to get over the constant stress and worry they've been living with is elating!

Seeing them walk away from a lesson happy and connected? HEAVEN.

MYTH -"everyone has to be on the same page" Let's face it... waiting to get everyone involved with the dog to be "on the same page" - to use the same commands in the same way for the same things "consistently" is not realistic or sustainable and gets in the way of getting the traininig started!

A trainer telling a family they have to do it that way or they won't get results  is taking the easy way out. No WAY will the husband, wife, 11 year old or 16 year old kid, grandma and all of the guests be able to all treat the dog's training the same way for the rest of the dog's life!

So we train what works for the individuals. All dogs need to know how to not be rude -jumping, dashing out the door, pulling on the leash are all no-nos - but outside of that I don't care if your dog is on the furniture if you don't...

If your dog isn't aggressive to you I don't care if you want it to sleep in bed. 

If you like giving people food, more power to ya!


IF he's pushy, growly, threatening, demanding we need to fix that. He will be "on restriction" until he's over it.

Of course, my training takes a different kind of dog owner:

*One who doesn't want to be in an anonymous obedience class but can really thrive in a small community of people and dogs overcoming the same obstacles. 

*One that is tired of seeing (feeling/HEARING practically) people rolling their eyes while you're trying to calm your dog enough to learn something. 

*One who can benefit from a group of like minded people helping each other with their struggles instead of judging.

*An owner who is done with not getting results and is willing to open their mind to new techniques, systems and mindsets. 

*One who is willing to really do the work that will cause the change. 

*One who is able to think "on the fly" and really get inside their dog's head once they know how.

SO. I'll bet this brought up some questions for you... Fortunately, I LOVE to answer questions so click below, give me your number and I'll give you a call!! and let's talk and see if we would be a good fit!

Dozens of Bay Area Veterinarians  and pet professionals recommend Trish for their clients with training and behavior problems.

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