About Trish

Over 8,000 dogs in the Bay Area LOVE Trish and her Training

In the mid 1970's a famous trainer held a school for dog trainers - he hired trainers from all disciplines and Trish was lucky enough to get in!

Upon graduating the course they offered her an exclusive job and she started training for Sun King Dog Training, here in the Bay Area.


Today Trish is training trainers all over the bay area and has trained over 8,000 dogs herself.

YEP, that's a lot of dogs. But because living in the Bay Area is not like living anywhere else in the world, Trish has continued to develop new and better skills for the 40 years-

In the Bay Area our needs and activities are completely different.

We have unique requirements for our dogs.

Trish uses all of the APPROPRIATE methods, techniques, tools at her disposal to help each individual dog.

When she couldn't find the right tool for a dog she INVENTED one! Welcome bodycollar

When she couldn't find the right book, she WROTE ONE! CHOOSING AND RAISING A PUPPY (HOW HARD COULD IT BE?)

As a vet tech for over 15 years and 10 of those at Adobe Animal Hospital, a busy 20+ dr. practice in Los Altos where she consulted with clients and doctors alike as their BEHAVIOR CONSULTANT, she learned more and more about how the relationships between health and behavior and the OWNER and behavior matter.

Trish uses LOTS of praise for both people and dogs, as well as quick and interruptive instruction if something goes off the rails.

Trish founded and sold another local dog training business that focused on public classes and with HOME SCHOOLED HOUNDS she now is focusing on REALLY getting the best LONG TERM results for every student by ONLY working with people committed to getting those results by staying in a private program with her.

Trish is so experienced and confident in her techniques she can offer a LIFETIME SUPPORT GUARANTEE.

CALL NOW and get a free temperament test; see what's REALLY going on in that brain and what you can expect!

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