The Reset Program


You've read about the program, now, here's how it works: 


We start with getting you set up with two private lessons as close to back to back as possible with your schedule -

In those two lessons you'll already start seeing your pup walking nicely onleash! 

You'll see his behavior improving at the door, during greetings, at the vet and any other problems you're having will suddenly start resolving (it happens so completely that we recommend you video his bad behavior before we start because you'll FORGET!)  

He will suddenly start walking nicely with you and not caring anymore about those things that used to make him crazy. AND, you'll learn how to keep him well behaved no matter what you run into.  

After a week or two, once he's calm and paying attention to you, you move to 

PHASE 2 –  

This is where we use our exclusive, unique Community to help you! 

All of the people in the community are dog lovers like you who have struggled and are now teaming up to help the newbies!

Our little Community works together to teach greetings and walks that are calm even in the face of other dogs and people doing things that used to drive the dogs crazy!

Everyone helps gently "push triggers" - if we can't see it we can't fix it, right? 

Since everyone's been in the same boat you don't have to worry about anyone rolling eyes or judging you, they GET IT and are eager to help.

They all understand that new dogs will struggle to stay calm and that the new dog being over excited gives them a perfect training opportunity to keep THEIR dog calm and paying attention.

That's what makes this program so special! You have not just one trainer but a group of assistants! 

Where else can you find someone to patiently help you teach your dog not to jump on a stranger in public? And where else can you find EIGHT people to practice that with?

And because of our Flex Lessons it's not always the same people; that gives you and your dog the experience of new dogs and interactions.

Like yours, each dogs has his own quirks and we rely on those to give each dog challenges, just like in real life. That's the point isn't it?

Where else will we find someone to walk by you over and over to help your dog learn not to lunge forward to sniff another dog, even if he's acting scary!?

Or... to not freak out if your dog does... This program is especially for dogs that freak out in one way or another, right? 

Whether it's freaking out by barking in frustration, leaping with joy, looking ferocious for any number of reasons, the people in this community are awesome. 

Some of them have even joined the Legacy Program (for select graduates) and have been there for up to a year, just walking and talking and helping people who are struggling.

We all work together to teach a new confidence, calm and cooperation - transferring those skills to tasks in everyday life -

see, most of our clients have no idea what it feels like to walk through downtown without getting your arm yanked around or constantly worrying about who their dog will jump on, bark at or generally create an embarrassment for them.  

So you'll spend 4 or 5 lessons -  about 2 weeks  –  in this phase really mastering REAL WORLD experiences.  

We've scheduled Community Lessons in the evenings and on the weekends because we know you're busy! We make sure the lessons get progressively more challenging based on YOUR needs for your dog.

This is the phase where you're learning how to put everything together – This is where we really make sure they get things like Stay (sure makes picking up poo easier!), not to jump on people or lunge toward dogs when you meet and shake hands, and making sure they can walk tightly next to you without lunging or barking or leaping to sniff no matter what's going past. 

Once you're strong in those areas we check in with another private lesson to make sure you feel good and that everything is on track. If it's not, don't worry, we'll get you into a couple more of the phase 2 lessons. 

Then we move to 


This is the part of the program where we refine the skills you're learning and we look for MEASURABLE results with testing and tracking all of the commands and behaviors you've been working on – things like: 

*Stay while you pick up poo even if there are other dogs around or people walking past 

*Lie under a table while you have a chat 

*Walk closely and attentively next to you (Heel) while you take a stroll through the park or downtown past all of the restaurants and people and dogs. 

*Sit at your side and be still and quiet while you greet a person and their dog. 

Once this is solid you can start coming only once a week if that's better for you although you're welcome to keep coming twice.  

 Also at this point you will have access to the downtown walks, for-fun classes, offleash play or practice at the Farm - two fenced ¼ acre pens to practice, play, run in and the full acre for people in the Offleash Freedom program so they can practice longer distances. 

Spread phase 3 over 4 full weeks if needed (many can jump to phase 4 much earlier than that!) - your dog is awesome, you have absolute confidence that you can handle anything that comes up. 

But then there's 


You didn't think we'd just dump you out on the street did you?? 

We're not going to just say goodbye and leave you on your own. 

Nope. We want to make sure you're able to maintain the great training you and your dog just had so we give you access to monthly Check-in walks/lessons - for life!

You also still have unlimited email, text and phone access to your trainer for life! 

If something is off in the future, we will get together either with a video lesson, a phone lesson or, if it's still off we'll do a one on one to see what's up. If it's something that needs further work we'll arrange that. In the beginning we'd LOVE to see you at all of the walks. 

And at the monthly practice sessions at the Farm. See... you'll still have access to those, too.  

Ready to change your pup's life? To open the world up for both of you? 

Here's the thing... this program is not for everyone.

If you're looking for a cheap class or a trainer who charges by the hour for Sit, Down, Stay "Obedience" training that does nothing to actually FIX the cause of the bad behavior, or WORSE, a trainer who will AVOID all of your dog's issues by "working" your dog at your home, not getting him out into the REAL WORLD which is where you want to have him, this is not for you.

This is not cheap... we're talking about lifetime check ins, intensive lessons, learning to work around a variety of Real World situations, ongoing support, 2 + lessons/week and all the rest. I don't have to tell, just read about it. 

If you're ready to dig in and change your life with your dog

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The final step to the perfect training


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